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Our Group

SPC BVI is the owner of following companies (five LPG Vessels and one VLCC): Sonatrach Gas Carrier Corporation (SGCC/Reggane), Sonatrach Petroleum Overseas Transportation Corporation (SPOTC/Djanet), Alrar Transportatin Corporation (ALTC), Rhourd Enouss Transporation Corporation (RNTC), Hassi Messaoud II (HMTC) and New Ocean Shipping Venture Ltd (NOSVL/Mesdar).

SPC BVI is a 100% owned subsidiary of Sonatrach International Holding Corporation (SIHC) which is itself owned by Sonatrach S.p.A.

Sonatrach is the largest oil and gas company in Algeria and in Africa. The company operates in exploration, production, pipeline transportation, transformation and marketing of hydrocarbons and by-products.

Sonatrach Group is also involved through various holdings, national and international partnerships in distribution and refining of those products.